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The Alabama Iron & Steel Council (AISC) was formed in 2008 to promote and advise public officials on strategies to enhance the nationwide and global competitiveness of Alabama's iron and steel manufacturing sector.  In 2011, to expand the Council’s scope and effectiveness, the AISC affiliated with Manufacture Alabama, the state's only trade association dedicated exclusively to manufacturers their supporting industries.

Today, the AISC continues to represent the interests of iron and steel producers and their supplier-vendor partners throughout the state.  Legislative and regulatory representation, industry awareness and promotion, and preparing the next generation of iron- and steel-workers are among the AISC's primary focuses.


Current AISC Chairman

Maury Gaston

AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company

Birmingham, AL

Past Chairs

Scott Posey

AM/NS Calvert

Calvert, Alabama

Jim Proctor

McWane, Inc.

Birmingham, Alabama

Ladislav Halaj

United States Steel

Birmingham, Alabama

Franky Griggs

Nucor Steel

Birmingham, Alabama

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