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Iron and steel are infinitely recyclable. 

Unlike all other recyclable materials, iron and steel never lose their strength, regardless of how many times they are melted and re-poured.  This means, a product made of iron or steel never has to be land-filled.

Ductile iron pipe has the lowest life-cycle cost among competing materials. 

Ductile iron pipe beats the field when it comes to the overall cost of a pipeline's service life, which is why most engineers, architects and municipalities prefer ductile iron over other materials.

Iron and steel are the most recycled materials on earth.

This makes iron and steel among the planet's greenest materials.

The average iron or steel manufacturing job in Alabama pays $95,795 annually.

Meanwhile, the average manufacturing job for other sectors in Alabama pays $60,945 annually.  Compare that to the average non-manufacturing job in Alabama, which only pays $41,089 annually.  

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