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The Alabama Iron & Steel Council will be awarding 2 scholarships in the amount of $2000 each to students interested in pursuing a career in iron or steel manufacturing.

Scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to meet and interview with AISC representatives for co-ops, internships, apprenticeships or full-time employment.

To qualify, an eligible scholarship applicant:

  • Must enroll in an Alabama Community College.

  • Should select an industrial maintenance mechanical, industrial maintenance electrical or a similar course of study that pertains to iron and steel production.

New scholarships will be awarded each year, and existing scholarships will be eligible for renewal until the student’s coursework is complete.

All scholarship recipients will be expected to:

  • Remain in a selected course of study pertaining to iron or steel production.

  • Pass a drug test.

  • Maintain reasonable academic standards.

The scholarship application period for 2019 is now closed. Check back soon to apply for the 2020 scholarship and spark your career in iron and steel manufacturing!

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